Brent Struyf

First Name: Brent
Last Name: Struyf
Sex: Male
Birth Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995
Birth Place: Brasschaat (Antwerp Belgium)
Height: 1.92 m
Korfball Since: 2000
Languages: Dutch, French, English, German
Residence: Antwerp
Work or Study: study Orthopedagogy
Current Club: DVO/Accountor (NL)
Previous Clubs: Boeckenberg
Main Role: Scorer
Strengths: Attack, defense is getting better, I am a real team player
Hardest Opponent: Richard Kunst
Why Korfball: I like the team feeling about korfball. You can’t do individual plays wtih the ball. You have to pass the ball to your team mates, so it is the ultimate team sport.
Influenced By: My two nephews Joran and Yannik played korfball before me. I watched their games and I liked the sport. Then i tried it myself and I immediately knew I wanted to play korfball.
Wants to Achieve: I want to be an All-round player and a multiple champion.
Prizes and Awards: Boeckenberg: Indoor champion U19 Belgium, indoor and outdoor champion seniors in Belgium.
Career Highlight: My ultimate career highlight is the golden medal game in Olomouc with the U21 squad for Belgium. Their we played a wonderfull game and i was able to decide the game with the golden goal shot.