Cesar Reyes

First Name: Cesar
Last Name: Reyes
Sex: Male
Birth Date: Thu, 7 Dec 1995
Birth Place: Santo Domingo
Height: 1.93 m
Korfball Since: 2016
Languages: English, Spanish
Residence: Santo Domingo
Work or Study: UNAPEC Escuele de Idiomas
Current Club: No current club
Previous Clubs: No previous clubs
Main Role: rebounder and sh
Strengths: rebounds
Hardest Opponent: Blake Palfreyman (experienced, good defender)
Why Korfball: men and women play together, teamwork
Influenced By: Francisco Aybar Martinez
Wants to Achieve: play Korfball League, win a gold medal with Dominicana
Prizes and Awards: None
Career Highlight: ninth place at 2016 U23 World Korfball Championship
Korfball Hero Cesar Reyes (#korfDO)
Korfball Hero Cesar Reyes (#korfDO)
Korfball Hero Cesar Reyes (#korfDO)