Jimin de Vries

First Name: Jimin
Last Name: De Vries
Sex: Male
Birth Date: Thu, 30 Jun 1994
Birth Place: Scheveningen (Den Haag)
Height: 1.27 m
Korfball Since: 1998
Languages: Dutch, English
Residence: Den Haag
Work or Study: HBO study Sport Management
Current Club: DEETOSSnel
Previous Clubs:
  • KVS/Maritiem
  • TOP/Quoratio
  • Fortuna/Delta Logistiek
Main Role: main attacker
Strengths: shooting and passing
Hardest Opponent: Marc Broere, very quick players
Why Korfball: when I was 4 years old I went with my brother to his club, and since that I loved to play korfball
Influenced By: my father, he likes to train me
Wants to Achieve: with my current club DEETOSSnel playing in the Korfbal League
Prizes and Awards: 1x Korfbal League champion, 1x second team outdoor champion, 1x U23 World Champion, 2x U19 World Champion, 1x U16 World Champion
Career Highlight: number 3 on the top scorer list of the Korfbal League
Twitter: @Jimindv
Korfball Hero Jimin de Vries (#korfNL)
Korfball Hero Jimin de Vries (#korfNL)
Korfball Hero Jimin de Vries (#korfNL)