Michal Marek

First Name: Michal
Last Name: Marek
Sex: Male
Birth Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997
Birth Place: Prostějov
Height: 1.27 m
Korfball Since: 2008
Languages: Czech, English
Residence: Prostějov
Work or Study: Economic high school with subject journalism
Current Club: SK RG Prostějov
Previous Clubs: No previous clubs
Main Role: Rebound
Strengths: Timing in rebound
Hardest Opponent: Roman Věžník (so tall)
Why Korfball: Started because of my brother, 14 is his number, also because it's different from other sports, I want to make it famous
Influenced By: My brother Tomáš, who was also my rival, and Petr Galíček
Wants to Achieve: Was chasing for respect, want to make people remember my name, play in the Korfball League
Prizes and Awards: Best male player U12 2010, 2x Czech national champion in a row U19 and U16
Career Highlight: To be selected for the 2016 U23 Czech squad
Korfball Hero Michal Marek (#korfCZ)
Korfball Hero Michal Marek (#korfCZ)
Korfball Hero Michal Marek (#korfCZ)