Renata Havlová

First Name: Renata
Last Name: Havlová
Sex: Female
Birth Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997
Birth Place: Vyškov
Height: 1.27 m
Korfball Since: 2008
Languages: Czech, English, German
Residence: Prostějov
Work or Study: Gymnasium
Current Club: SK RG Prostějov
Previous Clubs: No previous clubs
Main Role: Shooter
Strengths: Scoring, shooting from far, free pass
Hardest Opponent: Eliska Jonakova (fast mover)
Why Korfball: It's a team sport, you have to cooperate, the mixed nature, atmosphere (mixed), you have to use your brain
Influenced By: Not any specific player, any woman from Dutch national squad
Wants to Achieve: Become all-round, multi purpose/complex, play for the national team, maybe play in Holland for a few seasons to get more experience
Prizes and Awards: 2013 best amateur sports person city of Prostějov, best female player U16 Czech 2013, 2x Czech national champion in a row U19 and U16
Career Highlight: In 2015 playing on the U21 World Championship
Korfball Hero Renata Havlová (#korfCZ)
Korfball Hero Renata Havlová (#korfCZ)
Korfball Hero Renata Havlová (#korfCZ)