Belgium no match for The Netherlands in final

It’s the final day of the championship. Today we will see which country is the best of Europe.
Earlier today, Portugal and Catalunya played for the bronze medal. In a tight game, it is Catalunya that is the best. They beat Portugal in the end with 12-16. In the final, Belgium meets the Dutch squad, as usual. During the tournament, Belgium showed to be a contester for the final. Maybe they can surprise today.

By Luuk Prins

In a sold out Sportboulevard Dordrecht, the Dutch start with, among others, Hansen and Hendriks. This means that coach Wim Scholtmeijer does not start with Mirjam Maltha. For Tim Bakker and Friso Boode, this is the last game they play for The Netherlands.

In the first quarter, Belgium is totally outplayed by the Dutch. Belgium barely get a chance because of the immense pressure of the Dutch. Especially Richard Kunst is intercepting left and right. In offense, The Netherlands shoots Belgium to ruins. When the smoke clears after ten minutes, the score is 10-3.

If The Netherlands keeps this up, it will be a long game for Belgium. In the second quarter though, The Netherlands isn’t as focused as in the first and they score only four goals, which is still more than the Belgians manage to score. At half time, the score is 14-5 and the Belgian dream is already over. They will not be able to beat the Dutch on their home ground.

In the second half, there is no real change. The Netherlands is still too good for Belgium and better them on every aspect of the game and Belgium is not able to close the gap of nine goals. The farewell party for Tim Bakker and Friso Boode ends in 27-14. Belgium gave all they had, but they are simply not good enough to beat the korfball machine that is The Netherlands.