Bottom Half European Championships B 2021 Known

The games for places five to eight have finished, so we can look at the bottom half of the final ranking of the 2021 European Korfball Championships B in Wrocław, Poland.

Firstly Switzerland squares off against Wales. This game has the feel of a lower ranking game in the sense that the score is rather slow. It's in the last minutes that both squads make the result more acceptable with some late goals. The Swiss show their winning mood again, resulting in them claiming seventh place. Wales has to be satisfied with eight place, surely a different result than they had in mind coming to this event.

In the game between Greece and Ireland, the victor is clear already early in the game. Where Greece peaks the day before, now scoring is hard again. This gives Ireland their third victory and fifth place. The irony for the Swiss is that they win two games against Greece one, but the Greek have sixth place over Switzerland seventh. That shows you have to peak at the right moment.

When we compare this part of the ranking with the final ranking of the 2018 European Championships with sixteen participants, then we have two newcomers with Switzerland and Greece. The ranking of this event is comparable to the bottom eight of the 2018 championships. In 2018 Wales is thirteenth and now last, equal to sixteenth, so they drop three places. The Irish are eleventh in 2018 and now fifth, which equals thirteenth. They drop two spots compared to the previous edition. This gives the impression that the British are losing ground overall. Scotland is making up for it with them ending in the top four this time.