First Central European Cup in Poland

Korfball World Foundation will organise a new invitation only international korfball event, the Central European Cup. This event is created to boost the level of international korfball in the Central European region. The first edition will take place in Wrocław in Poland and will be organised together with the Polish korfball federation. This first edition is set to take place in the weekend of 29 and 30 August 2020.

This event is for Korfball World Foundation a new step in supporting korfball in Central European countries. Having more official international games should raise the level of the national squads of the participating countries. This should result in these countries rising in the official IKF world ranking, amongst others. Secondary intention is to increase the conversation and cooperation between the countries in the region. The games will be livestreamed through our Vimeo channel and channels of our media partner.

Initially the Central European Cup should take place in the weekend of 6 and 7 June 2020. Due to the current situation with the Corona virus we have postponed the event to end of August. As the event is also meant as preparation for official IKF events, August is the latest moment for have the event this year in relation to the European Korfball Championship B and A in October 2020.

Countries that agree to participate are Poland, Hungary, Serbia and Ukraine. We are waiting for other countries to hear if the new dates will make them participate as well.

We also are happy to present the logo for the event. We hope this logo will help make this event a new tradition in Central European korfball.