First FANZY articles on pre-sale

There it is! The cooperation with Fanzy, the new korfball fashion brand of Lindsy Krop and Sanne Alsem, starts with the launch of two fashionable, organic hoodies.

The Dutch korfball talents have been working hard on their first designs the last perio, that we are now proud to present, together with them. The articles are now on pre-sale and can be ordered through the pre-order form. This is possible until 13 November, after which the articles will be shipped before the end of November.

It's possible to order from all korfball countries within the European Union and the United Kingdom. These FANZY items can also be ordered on our new webshop after the introduction period.

Introduction discount with bulk order

It is also possible to make a large order. When you pre-order more than ten hoodies, a special introduction discount is possible, regardless of the colours and sizes! If you are interested in this, then send us a message through our contact form.