First finals day of World Championship U21 recap

Today the teams will determine tenth to seventh place of the Under 21 championship in Budapest.
Number eleventh is already determined, but Germany will play a game for honor against a special selection of Hungarian players. Some of the volunteers of this week get to play an (official?) international game. Germany has a nice run out which ends in a 6-24. It's also a good opportunity for Lena Gerlich to increase her number of goals for the top scorer ranking. She ends with twenty-four goals, second woman after Fu of China.

The first real game of importance is Turkey against England and is for ninth and tenth place. England beat Germany yesterday with a golden goal and might still have some of that adrenaline in their bodies. Turkey had a day off yesterday and has rested a bit for this game. After surprising Germany, can they also surprise England? In the first minutes it is an even game. Unfortunately, after six minutes there is a serious injury for Eyup Batuhan Arslan, one of Turkey’s most important players. This could hurt them in the game, but for now the score is 4-5 in favor of England after ten minutes of play. Partly due to some arguable refereeing, England can increase the score to 7-12 at halftime. Granted, they deserve the lead as they are currently better than the Turks.
Turkey does not give up though and they came back in the third quarter. England scores only one this quarter and slowly, goal by goal, Turkey crawls back to 12-13 after thirty minutes. In the final quarter it is close. Very close, but the Turks are unlucky. I can’t help thinking they would have had a better result with a different referee, but let’s just say Turkey worked hard and might have deserved more than they got. Both teams score one in the last ten minutes, making it 13-14 at fulltime. Cenk Gezek is player of the game, despite losing.

The third and last game already today is between Hong Kong and Czech Republic. Hong Kong has played very consistent during the tournament and just lost against Hungary with a two goal difference, showing they were close to a better result. Czech Republic on the other hand will have to bounce back after yesterday’s disappointment against China, losing after golden goal. Surprisingly, in this game for seventh place, both squads don’t seem to field their strongest eight. Having that said, korfball hero Renata Havlová opens the score with the first attempt. After that though, it looks like both teams do not have their best day in scoring. Score after the first quarter is 2-4 in favor of Czech Republic. At halftime the score is 3-7. It’s quite a timid game so far. Hong Kong can’t play at the level of the past few days, but also the Czech fail to impress. Let’s hope for a better second half.
And it does get a bit better. Hong Kong doubles their score and also Czech Republic does that. Field play also picks up a bit and the game is a bit more fun to watch. The score after thirty minutes is 6-15. In the end it is a clear and reasonably easy victory for Czech Republic, even though Hong Kong comes back a bit. The Czechs claim seventh place in the tournament with this 11-18 win. Player of the game is Petr najdr, scoring five and having an interesting game against Hong Kong’s Fong.