First result of project with Ukraine national korfball squad

Korfball World foundation sees the first result of their cooperation with Ukraine korfball at the European Korfball Championship 2018 first round that takes place in Budapest in the weekend of 28 and 29 October 2017, where they end at eighth place and their first real korfball experience.

A group of fourteen players along with the chairman of the L'viv Korfball Federation spend three days in the Hungarian capital. Among the players is Ukrainian korfball initiator Viktor Batyala, who also attends the IKF level 2 coaching course. The support from the foundation is in various training sessions in L'viv before the event, bus fare, accommodation, coaching and outfits supplied in cooperation with

Ukraine is in the group with host Hungary, Sweden and Greece. The opening game against favourite Hungary is the only big loss for Ukraine at the event. The second game against Sweden is lost by one point in the last minute. The game against Greece is lost after an equal first half. The last game for seventh place against Armenia brings no victory. Still we feel that Ukraine makes a good impression with the athletic level of this fairly young team, including the second best female top scorer of the tournament, twenty-one year old Tanya Malets.

Although the final tournament result is without victory, Korfball World Foundation sees good qualities and possibilities with Ukraine after this first experience at the international level to continue and expand the cooperation. Conversations with the L'viv Korfball Federation about this take place now.

Tanya Malets Ukraine MVP - photos courtesy of Action Photography