Foundation switches cooperation to Serbia

Korfball World chairman Marc Stroo recently visited Belgrade in Serbia to speak with the korfball community there about the situation of korfball in Serbia and possibilities for cooperation.

In the beginning of 2020 it becomes clear that Ukraine is no longer willing to work actively on a high level national squad program or organising any international events. As a result of this, Korfball World foundation suspends cooperation with Ukraine, leaving room for a new cooperation. During the preparation for the Central European Cup, new contacts are established with Serbia korfball. This leads to the visit to Belgrade, after the 2020 edition of the Central European Cup is cancelled.

During the visit, Stroo visits two korfball trainings and has various meetings with people involved with the organisational side of korfball in Serbia. Based on these meetings, Korfball World foundation sees possibilities for cooperation. The intention for this cooperation is to prepare a Serbian national korfball squad for 2022 IKF championships. The coming period the details of this cooperation will be spoken about and laid down in a written agreement. Generally we are happy to see that there is renewed motivation in Serbia to grow korfball.