Germans end on top in struggle for places five to seven at Euro 2016

The first game to decide places 5 to 7 is between Germany and England. A confrontation almost as old as international Korfball itself. This edition of the clash shows why both countries fail to make the step to the major league of korfball; too few goals. Even a thirty minute game between potential top4 countries should end higher than the 8-9 this game has as final score. The fight between the squads makes the game interesting, as both are in the lead at some point in the game. The scoring is far under par. We think this should be the focus for both countries in order to improve. With this victory, normally Germany should have fifth place in the pocket, as last opponent Czech Republic is least of the three.

Next up England meets Czech Republic who choose to reshuffle their starting line-up for this last day. Where England fails to score easily the game before, here they have the effectiveness that they need. This starts in the second quarter where they go from 2-2 to 10-3 at half time. The second half England consolidates the lead where Czech Republic follows in the scoring. They get their big disappointment four minutes before the end when their best player, Martina Klackova has to leave the pitch injured. England wins 14-8 and normally secures sixth place in the final ranking with this result.

The final game for places 5 to 7 between Germany and Czech Republic turns out to be more of a formality than anticipated beforehand. Without Klackova the Czechs are nearly powerless in scoring, letting Germany go to 0-7 just before half time until a doubtful first Czech goal puts 1-7 on the board at half time. It's in the fourth quarter of the game that Czech Republic gets to score equal to Germany, but the game is already firmly claimed by Germany by that time. 7-19 Brings Germany fifth and Czech Republic seventh place.

Looking back at these games it is possible to say that in this championship England and Germany are a level above Czech Republic in their progression. This is in line with their qualification for the World Games next year.