Interview with Aytaç Aktug Karabay of Turkey

During the European Korfball Championship, we follow Turkey on their journey to improve their game. Today, we have an interview with Aytac Aktug Karabay.

By Luuk Prins

First, can you tell us something about yourself? What is your playing style?
As a player, I am very quick. I always try to score or create some space for my teammates. My first job is to make goals for my team, but I also love to defend. That’s also why I think that I am a better defender. I am small and quick so I always try to steal the ball from my opponents when they pass.

What was the difference between England and Turkey today?
I think that the English team has more organization and structure, something that we don't have. It's the main reason that we lost today. We have lost the ball a lot of times because our passing was very bad. They were ready for this tournament, but we here just in time. It's the first time that we belong to the ten best teams of Europe, that is a miracle for Turkey.

It seems like your team has a lot of basketball players.
I am not really sure, but I think that every player of our team plays basketball besides korfball. That is the place where they have learned to pass and catch the ball. Most of the players played basketball in their childhood, so that's where they learned a lot of skills. Besides playing korfball in Turkey, some players even play basketball, so they play two different sports at the same time.

What do you think of the team performance at this tournament?
I think we could be better. We did not have a training session with our group before the European Championship. You can see that the other teams trained more. We had some governmental problems that resulted in the fact that we couldn't train.

We are almost finished with this interview. What do you think about this big event?
Yes, I really like this event in Dordrecht. I have already been in Dordrecht before. I like the silence in the city, the nature is calling me and I like that very much. Now we have to focus on the last game tomorrow. I think we have a chance to win this match. There is always a chance. We need to be brave; we don't give up.