Interview with Kamil Musialinski of Poland

During the European Korfball Championship in Dordrecht, we follow Poland to see if they are ready for the World Games, which will be held in Poland next year. Poland is automatically qualified for this tournament as host, but will they be able to play for respectable ranking?
Today we speak with Kamil Musialinski. One of the potential goal scorers of Poland.

By Luuk Prins

First, can you tell something about yourself? What kind of player are you?

My name is Kamil, and I play for Poland. I play for a club in Warschau and I am twenty one years old. I always try to become a better korfball player at the training and games. I also play korfball in my highschool.

What was the difference between Poland and Germany today?

I think that there was a lot of difference between the two squads. The German players are very tall and it was a physical game. The first half was very bad from our side, but when we started the second half, our performance was a lot better. We tried to put more energy in the game and be stronger in the physical duels. We showed a lot more motivation compared to the first half. We scored four goals in a row at the beginning of the second half, so that is a really good thing.

You still have zero points and the tournament is almost over. Are you satisfied with the overall performance that the team delivers and who is the best player at this tournament in your team?

Yes, I think we have a very good team. For me, the one who plays the best, is Rafal Diadik. He has a good shot and also is a tall guy, it's a very complete player. He can rebound and he can score goals. We don't have points, but tomorrow we play against Turkey and Russia and I think we have a big chance to win. We want to play better against them. We are trying to end at the 8th place when the tournament is over. Tomorrow we must win.

Is it hard to stay positive to your teammates because your team lose a lot?

No, we have a really good atmosphere in the group. We have a good balance in the group if we look at the ages of the players. For example, I am twenty-one, but we also have a player who are forty five. We try to stay together as a team and every player wants to grow as a team. We want to play better next tournament.

What is the most important point the squad has to develop?

We train a lot to develop our korfball skills. Sometimes we train six times a week to prepare us for the games. On the field, we have a lot of problems with passing. If we can't pass well, we can't create a lot of chances. The main focus in training has to be on the passing, only then can we create some danger. Also, the defense is a big problem. We have a lot of small players in our squad, so it's really hard to rebound. We lose the ball a lot of times because we are simply not tall enough.

How much is this tournament a preparation for the World Games in Poland?

Every tournament we play, is a preparation for the World Games. It's always a possibility to develop; we see it as a training to grow as a team. We want to be a better team and this European championship is part of that process. I like this tournament a lot, we are becoming a better team and this event is organized really good. The atmosphere is perfect, the lights, the hall, the crew; everything is perfect. Tomorrow we play our last games and we have to win them, we will do anything to get a victory tomorrow.