Korfball Heroes Ya-Wen Lin again to DALTO

Korfball Heroes Ya-Wen Lin comes to play in The Netherlands again. After a successful period in the season 2015/2016 at DALTO, she comes to play for the team from Driebergen again the second half of this indoor season. This time she comes to DALTO together with Wan-Yun Chien ('Winnie'). The Taiwanese top players arrive in The Netherlands 16 January.

The foundation for the coming of Ya-Wen Lin and Winnie is laid at the beginning of the season. The final roundup is done at the Korfball Challenge in Rotterdam end of December 2017.

Both DALTO, The Asian International Korfball Federation and the Taiwanese Korfball Federation are please with Ya-Wen's return to The Netherlands and the ambition that is uttered to intensify and extend the mutual cooperation.

Read the full press release (in Dutch).