Korfball World extends cooperation with Onlykorfbal.nl

Korfball World Foundation intensifies the cooperation with Onlykorfbal.nl of Manfred Hofstede. Both parties will jointly expand and market the line of korfball merchandising. First target is to sell in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Great Britain.

The intention is that Onlykorfbal.nl and her supplier are responsible for the supply and print of the various clothes that are offered as merchandise. Sales will take place in the physical store of Hofstede in Goor, as well as on Onlykorfbal.nl and the Korfball World web shop. Korfball World foundation arranges the various lines and prints through her various designers. Korfball Hero Jaleesa Claver has committed herself to help set up the various lines and promote them.

As part of making the merchandise know a promotion group will be set up. Claver will be a part of it. This promotion group of maximum eight will be the face of the merchandise in the web shops and at events.

Besides cooperation in the field of merchandise, Onlykorfbal.nl will also be the exclusive supplier of korfball balls and team outfits for the next years for the Korfball World Foundation projects in Ukraine and Belarus.

Korfball World Foundation is very happy with the cooperation and sees new possibilities to further shape one of her goals, that of strengthening the image and exposure of korfball as means to become an Olympic sport.