New Website

We have a new website. A change of hosting provider also results in a change of underlying technology and a new look.

For those who are into web technology, we have moved from Joomla to Concrete5. We are impressed with the possibilities that Concrete5 offers and feel it will bring a good new experience to you as visitors of our website. Some things have to be relearned though. One of the implications of this is that currently the site is on only one language. As our audience is internationally, this language is English, with the exception of the page about the Korfball World foundation. Expect the site to become multilingual over time.

In the coming period we will also introduce new sections to the website. We are working on 'Heroes', a place where you can find information about those korfball players to follow and to watch korfball for. Also we are working on a webshop where you can buy korfball merchandising. A first try-out of our merchandising will be available during the upcoming U23 Korfball World Championships in Olomouc, Czech Republic.