Our Championship heroes of day 7

During the group stages of the European Korfball Championships, in addition to Nikki Schilders, we named our heroes of the day. Now that we have seen all teams play, we decided to single out players who we think are worthy of Hero of the tournament. Players that for one reason or another draw our attention.

By Colin Geene

In the first game, we have Tamara Siemieniuk for Poland. In Turkey’s Hilal Karas, she faces someone that is of a similar type. Small, fast and with catlike defending. Tamara is not feeling well today, but that does not show in her first game of the day. Again, she is found everywhere in her zone and defends with an ‘over my dead body’ attitude. In this tight game, it is Siemieniuk that gives the final blow with her 9-12 running in. Despite the fact she’s not feeling well, she plays a good game.
In the final game of Poland this tournament, you can see that Siemieniuk is tired and not feeling well. Still she works hard and forces some fouls by her opponent, but you can see that most of her energy went into the game against Turkey. All in all she plays a decent game, but is not visible as the other games of Poland in Dordrecht.

For Turkey, we follow Simge Egretli. Surprisingly, she does not play in the game against Poland. She should be a player that can open up games in our opinion, but apparently, coach Abdikoglu does not share our opinion.
In Turkey’s second game, she plays the entire twenty five minutes. In the beginning, she shows lack of match practice, but she works hard nonetheless. Later in the game, she is always ready to receive the ball. She does not make any goals herself, but she enables others to score. One of them is Inanc Demirel, a player we have mentioned numerous times before as well. Partly because of Egretli’s work, he is able to score seven goals.

For England, Blake Palfreyman plays the entire game against Germany. In this tight game he is able to score three goals and keeps his opponent Sven Muller on only one goal. The first we know he can do. He is a good player for shots as he always knows to find the space, but the defending part was a bit of a surprise. Muller normally is good for some goals for Germany, although this is not his best tournament.
In the second game, against Czech Republic, Palfreyman scores two, but he shows some versatility by his excellent defensive rebounding. It looks like the loss against Germany lit a fire in him as he plays with determination.
Unfortunately we are not able to get an interview with him. We are told that the modest Englishman is too shy and does not like interviews. Let’s hope this does not stand in the way for a good career in this great sport.