Our Championship heroes on the final day

During the group stages of the European Korfball Championships, in addition to Nikki Schilders, we named our heroes of the day. Now that we have seen all teams play, we decided to single out players who we think are worthy of Hero of the tournament. Players that for one reason or another draw our attention.

By Colin Geene

On the final day of the European Korfball Championship, the bronze medal game is between Portugal and Catalunya. For us, that means Pedro Correia against Javier Navarro.
For Portugal, Correia is a strong presence around the korf. His rebound skills are impressive. With his strength, combined with the ridiculous height of his jumps, he is the king of the rebounds this game. Normally he scores a few goals as well, but in this game his main role is to supply others and keep them shooting. Because of his hard work, Portugal can keep attacking, which should pay off in scoring goals. Highlight of his play today was the no look assist on Tiago Luz for the 4-5, which resulted in loud cheers of the crowd as well.

For Catalunya, we follow Javier Navarro. He has a difficult game today. Looks a bit tired and is not his usual self. He also plays a different role, more rebounding compared to other games. This is probably because Correia is also in his zone, playing against Alvares. This forces Navarro to rebound, which is the weaker part of his game. In this game, contrary to the rest of the tournament, he scores no goals, but he probably does not care, as Catalunya wins the bronze medal.

In the final, our hero Nikki Schilders is substituted after seventeen minutes. She has an ear infection and actually wasn’t even cleared to start. Nick Janssens plays almost the complete final, but can’t make a difference in this game. He does score four goals, but ultimately the complete Belgian squad is outplayed by The Netherlands, including Janssens.