Our Korfball Heroes of European Korfball Championship 2016

During the group stages of the European Korfball Championships, in addition to Nikki Schilders, we named our heroes of the day. Now that we have seen all teams play, we decided to single out players who we think are worthy of Hero of the tournament. Players that for one reason or another draw our attention.

By Colin Geene

Let’s start with England’s hope for the future. Blake Palfreyman shows good promise to become a leading player for England. In today’s game against Turkey, he does not really stand out though. Perhaps the lack of challenge against Turkey makes his play a bit flat, but make no mistake! If he can handle the pressure put on him, he Is the one to watch for England.

From the Turkish squad, we decide to choose Hatice Simge Egretti. Today, she starts on the bench, but when she comes in, immediately there is more threat in the Turkish attacks. She is quite fast and with her sharp turns, she can use the free space around her efficiently. She is not a good scorer at the moment, but with practice, she could grow to become a dangerous player. With her blonde hair and tattoos, she’s also a striking figure to see.

Tamara Siemieniuk of Poland is next. This small, fast girl is a menace to her defenders. She is everywhere in the zone, which makes her opponents crazy sometimes. Because of her speed, she is a constant threat for running ins, forcing fouls and creating chances. The drive she possesses, in combination with her speed makes her a capable defender as well. If she makes a mistake, she mostly is fast enough to correct it. Today was not her finest hour to be honest, or Poland’s. Let’s hope they improve tomorrow in their final matches.

For Czech Republic, we have a tough choice. At first, we look at Patrik Nguyen, but during the game our attention gets drawn to Martina Klackova. Today is not the first time she is the best player of the team. Besides her scoring ability (six goals today), she is the true leader that makes others play better. She creates freedom for other players with her intelligent passing.

Then we go to Catalunya for Javier Navarro. This versatile player gets noticed for his hard work and goal scoring. Belgium manages to keep him on three goals, but in the other games this week he is by far the most impressive player of Catalunya. If he does not score the goals himself, he gives assists and occasionally a rebound or two. He is the key player for Catalunya this tournament.

For neighbors Portugal, we choose Pedro Correia. The big Portuguese had a difficult game today against The Netherlands, but does fairly well. He scores three goals and the rebound battles with the Dutch men ends nearly fifty fifty. His powerful cheering after the goals, helps him getting noticed as well.

For Belgium, there is simply no looking past Nick Janssens. The goal scoring machine is on fire the last few games. Scoring twenty three goals so far, most of them from long distance. He drives his opponents crazy. No matter how they defend him, he simply shoots and scores. Can he keep it up for the final, that´s the big question…