Participants 2022 World Games Korfball Championship Known

A recent article by The World Games names the countries that qualify for the korfball championship during the 2022 edition. Congratulations to:

  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Portugal
  • Czech Republic
  • Taiwan
  • China
  • Surinam

Our observations:

  1. the organising country, United States of America, is missing from this list. Based on their position on the IKF ranking this seems logical. There have been attempts to create a US korfball team, apparently those efforts were with insufficient result,
  2. Surinam as participant. Based on their level (all players play at a high level in The Netherlands) it's logical. Their only activities are taking part in the 2018 continental and 2019 World Korfball Championships, as well as playing international games at the Korfball Challenge in The Netherlands. Apparently this can get you as a korfball country enough points on the IKF world ranking to be in the top ten.

Looking at the position of Surinam on the IKF world ranking, it seems that the International Korfball Federation ultimately rewards the national adult squad of a country playing official international games most. This makes the former Russian model a viable model for countries aiming to raise in the IKF ranking. It also makes playing more official international games a good model. With the Central European Cup, we aim to support just this idea.