Schedule Central European Cup 2020 Wrocław

The participants of the first Central European Cup are final and so we can publish the game schedule. Besides the playing schedule, as organisation we have agreed to make the final choice to hold the Cup yes or no on 14 September 2020. In the weekend before 14 September we will speak with all participants if they are able to come or not with regard of current restrictions in Europe related to the COVID virus. We then also should know if Poland allows foreign athletes to visit their country. Then the organisation will also choose if spectators will be allowed or not.

The first edition of the Central European Cup will have Hungary, Poland, Serbia and Slovakia as participants. Ukraine is not interested in a national team at the moment, Czechia has declined the invitation.

All four referees are known also: Carlos Faria (Portugal), Piotrek Jaszczuk (Poland), Attila Erdei (Hungary) and Jan Weber (Germany).

This is the match schedule:

Friday 9 October

12:00 .Poland - Hungary
13:30 . Serbia - Slovakia
15:30 .Poland - Serbia
17:00 . Hungary - Slovakia

Saturday 10 October

10:30 . Slovakia - Serbia
12:00 . Hungary - Poland
14:30 . Serbia - Hungary
16:00 . Slovakia - Poland