Ticket Sales European Championship 2016 Started

Ticket sales of the 2016 edition of the European Korfball Championship 2016 have started, at least in The Netherlands. On the site thisiskorfball.com tickets can be ordered and information about the tournament can be found. The site is only in Dutch though.

This edition of the European Korfball Championship is the first of a new setup where IKF goes from a four year to a two year cycle with two alternating formats. This year we have a 'top' championship with ten participating countries, while in 2018 sixteen countries will participate.

Location for this year's edition is in the self proclaimed korfball capital of the world, Dordrecht in The Netherlands. The venue is the sports centre 'Sport Boulevard Dordrecht'. The event takes place from Saturday 22 October until Sunday 30 October.

The ten participants are divided in two pools as follows:

  • Pool A
    • Catalunya
    • Germany
    • Netherlands
    • Russia
    • Turkey
  • Pool B
    • Belgium
    • Czech Republic
    • England
    • Poland
    • Portugal

Korfball World will be present during the championship for coverage of the event.