U21 World Korfball Championships 2018 down to two continents

With the late withdrawal of Dominican Republic, the 2018 U21 World Korfball Championships to be held in Budapest this July sees representatives only from Europe and Asia after first failing to have an African country taking part.

In the IKF's original documents about global and continental championships it is mentioned that for this edition of the U21 World Korfball Championships we would see one representative of the Americas and one from Africa. The final list of participants failed to show an African country and now fast rising star Dominican Republic is taking a plunge with a retraction of their participation with the reason that their sponsor, the national government, fails to pay their trip.

Turkey seems to be the first country to benefit from the lack of African participants as they are missing on our original shortlist of participants. Also we expected to see Catalunya as a participant, instead it's Germany that takes part in this event. IKF chooses not to put a replacement for Dominican Republic due to the obvious reason that it's too late for another country to properly prepare for this event.

We have player lists of some of the participants below. As we get more, we add them to this article. All player names are written in first name - last name format.

Group A


This is the definite selection of Belgium as revealed by Belgian Club Riviera. The greatest Belgium talent of this decade, Thomas Thijs, is part of this group. We are looking forward to seeing him play. Siele Jochems, Saar Seys and Taïssa Vervoort were dropped in favour of Famke Wuyts for the women, while with the men Quinten Engels and Seppe Engels were dropped in favour of Arne van Damme.


  • Riet Duytschaever
  • Amber Engels
  • Jiska Frensch
  • Elke Ledent
  • Lisa Pauwels
  • Tine Pirquin
  • Famke Wuyts


  • Wouter Cooremans
  • Arne van Damme
  • Niels Delbeke
  • Levi van den Dycke
  • Axel van Genechten
  • Jarre de Ley
  • Thomas Thijs

Czech Republic

The organisation of the championship announces on Facebook that this is the squad selection for Czech Republic. In the squad are our first ever Korfball Heroes Michal Marek and Renata Havlová.


  • Pavlína Štepanova
  • Tereza Škrobova
  • Vendula Jemelikova
  • Anna Literova
  • Gabriela Hurdalkova
  • Dominika Drabkova
  • Renata Havlová
  • Anna Motakova


  • Filip Smid
  • Filip Kovar
  • Michal Marek
  • Martin Jiricka
  • Jakub Novotny
  • Daniel Stefak
  • Filip Dvorak
  • Petr Snajdr


Newly appointed head coach Joe Stirling chooses the following list of players for this squad. Interesting for us is that less than half of the squad is recorded to have previous international experience.


  • Annie Boyd (KV)
  • Emily Cocker (Norwich Knights)
  • Caitlin Fitzgerald (Bec)
  • Eleanor Parker (Tornadoes)
  • Elise Sparks (Tornadoes)
  • Ellie Summers (KV)
  • Daisy Tighe (Harrow)


  • Billy Ashby (Bec)
  • Jacob Dawes (Tornadoes)
  • Joshua Dawes (Cambridge Tigers)
  • Frank Dunn (Norwich Knights)
  • Laurie Fabian (Cardiff City & Met)
  • Flynn Picot (KV)
  • Marcus Tighe (University of Nottingham)
  • Lawrence Wicks (Norwich Knights)

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong China Korfball Association is kind enough to send us their squad. These are the names.


  • Ching Yu Chan
  • Ka Ki Ho
  • Wing Ka Lam
  • Tsz Ching Leung
  • Hiu Ying Tsui
  • Sze Yu Wong
  • Tsz Shan Wong
  • Ka Yi Yau


  • Chin To Chau
  • Pok Ho Chong
  • Kwok Kin Chui
  • Kai Yiu Fong
  • Tsz Wing Lam
  • Tsz Chung Lee
  • Tzs Hong Man
  • Sung Pan Tse


According to the official team page on the site of the Dutch Korfball Federation, this is the squad for this championship with Kees Vlietstra as head coach.


  • Sanne Alsem
  • Roos van Groen
  • Lindsy Krop
  • Kim Petersen
  • Lieneke Pries
  • Sanne van der Werff
  • Saskia van der Zee
  • Brett Zuijdwegt


  • Kevin Dik
  • Tim Flokstra
  • Terrenc Griemink
  • Arjen van Houwelingen
  • Joren van Nieuwenhuijzen
  • Koen van Roekel
  • Carlo de Vries
  • Leander Zwolle

Group B


The China Korfball Federation is kind enough to send us their squad. The players come from Zhengzhou and HuangHai university. The coach for this championship is Xiangcheng Ma. Here are the names of the players.


  • Yuran Fu
  • Yan Gao
  • Yahao Gao
  • Jiao Ma
  • Siying Wang
  • Qiufang Wei
  • Qiurui Wu
  • Jinqiang Zhai


  • Litian Cao
  • Shuaitan Hu
  • Bingwei Jiang
  • Bo Peng
  • Xiayuan Wang
  • Zhixing Wang
  • Xin Yao
  • Lingpeng Zhu


This is the squad that is announced on the website of the German Korfball Federation with Sven Müller as head coach and Dutch top coach Jan de Jager as co-coach. Interesting fact is that SG Pegasus is responsible of three of the seven women and no men. The players come from five clubs in total, all German.


  • Lena Gerlich (SG Pegasus)
  • Lea Heinzel (Schweriner KC)
  • Ellen Hohn (TuS Schildgen)
  • Lea Hornung (SG Pegasus)
  • Jule Scholl (SG Pegasus)
  • Julia Strach (KV Adler Rauxel)
  • Johanna Treffts (KV Adler Rauxel)


  • Vincent Burmann (KV Adler Rauxel)
  • Florian Fischer (Schweriner KC)
  • Timo Lindlar (TuS Schildgen)
  • David Menzel(HKC Albatros)
  • Henrik Rauhut (Schweriner KC)
  • Max Rzisnik (HKC Albatros)
  • Julian Zill (Schweriner KC)


The organisation of the championship announces on Facebook that this is the squad selection for Hungary.


  • Brigitta Bulucz
  • Tünde Görgényi
  • Enikő Beöthy
  • Kitti Horváth
  • Nikolett Ásványi
  • Fanni Pauly
  • Alexandra Falcsik
  • Tamara Bellusz


  • Zsolt Kránitz
  • Dániel Lang
  • Kristóf Öhlmann
  • Tamás Krisztián Kálmán
  • Ariel Mihály
  • Máté Eszenyi
  • Kristóf Bellusz
  • Dániel Csodó


The organisation of the championship announces on Facebook that this is the squad selection for Portugal.


  • Maria Nunes
  • Catarina Correia
  • Catarina Frade
  • Celise Ribeiro
  • Beatriz Guita
  • Carina Escórcio
  • Cherlei Jaló
  • Tamara Tavares


  • Sebastião Condado
  • Hugo Fernandes
  • Rafael Moutinho
  • Olavo Pereira
  • Vasco Diniz
  • Guilherme Dias
  • Frederico Noronha
  • Tomás Lourenço


Below is the group that will play at the Taiwan Open, according to the Chinese Taipei Korfball Association. This group will also go to Budapest.


  • Shu-Chi Chang
  • Wan-Yun Chien
  • Ya-Hui Cho
  • Hsin-Yu Feng
  • Kai-Yeh Lo
  • Chien-Ai Ma
  • Yu-Ting Sun
  • Min-Chian Wu


  • Chia-Chuan Chang
  • Yu-Cheng Chen
  • Han-Sheng Chiu
  • Tzu-Shun Huang
  • Tsu-Yao Huang
  • Hsi-Yun Pan
  • Yi-Liang Tseng
  • Kun-Yeh Yu


We are looking for the squad members.