World Games Korfball Third Day Roundup

On the third day of the World Games, the final games group stages will be played. With The Netherlands and Taiwan expected to advance as group winners, the second positions are still up for grabs.

Australia – The Netherlands

First squad hoping perhaps, against better judgement, to secure second place in their group is Australia. They will have to win their match against The Netherlands, which will not happen. After ten minutes of play, the score is 4-11 and it’s clear it will be another easy win for the Dutch. That doesn’t mean this isn’t a fun game to watch. Australia looks to be having fun in playing the World Champions, even though being outmatched. The Australian supporters are cheering on their team and in the second period, Australia can even keep up for the most part. This, combined with the fact that The Netherlands is very sloppy in finishing, leads to a half time score of 7-17.
The opening goal of the second half comes from Adam Robertson. The third quarter is one to forget quickly though. Even though The Netherlands scores six, they remain sloppy and need free passes and penalty shots for half of their goals. Despite that, the score after thirty minutes is 8-23. In the final quarter, Australia seems to lack the energy and focus to keep playing their high energy korfball and the Dutch get away to a final score of 10-30, with Patrick Branford scoring the final goal. MVP for this game is Esther Cordus. Always able to give her the ball, scoring five and creating chances from the penalty shot for Richard Kunst to finish. Good performance by Cordus this game.

Belgium – China

In the second game, China only has a hypothetical chance for second place in the group against Belgium. After ten minutes though, Belgium is already 9-1 ahead, showing improvement compared the their starting focus in the game against The Netherlands. China on the other hand seems not focused enough and lacks power to challenge Belgium. Donjie Zhang scores the only Chinese goal, where for Belgium, six players already scored. By half time, Jari Hardies has led Belgium to a 19-3 score.
In the second half Belgium continues the scoring spree. Initially China finds a way to stop Belgium and they score a few goals themselves, but after not too long it is Belgium running away again to 30-9 after thirty minutes. In this half hour, Jesse de Bremaeker has already scored seven and because Hardies has been substituted for Korfball Hero Brent Struyf, De Bremaeker is well on his way to claiming MVP.
Much to the frustration of China coach Ben Crum, who is arguing with third official Woods in the fourth quarter, Belgium claims this game by winning easily with a final score of 36-13. De Bremaeker scores ten goals, making him unable to overlook for MVP, This means Hardies is being robbed again because of being substituted.

Great Britain – Germany

The third game of the day is the one we look forward to the most. Games between Great Britain and Germany are always tight and this game is the decider for second place in the group stage. It does not disappoint in the first quarter. Although Great Britain looks to be the better team, most of the quarter they are behind. At the end of the first ten minutes, the score is even at 4-4. At half time, Germany is even in the lead as Great Britain is not able for score. One goal in ten minutes for Great Britain means Germany lead 5-7. The game is still not done though and we know that Great Britain should be able to muster up some fighting spirit. They come out working hard and slowly close the gap to 8-9. Best example for this is Blake Palfreyman. Not in best form this tournament, but he is the one standing up with a goal and some interceptions. With ten more minutes to go, nothing is decided yet in this low scoring game.
Directly after the start of the final period, Joe Bedford scores the equalizer and it’s on. Both teams keep battling hard for every centimeter, though fairly. It are the women of Germany that make the difference in the end. Jana Kierdorf and Lea Sander lead Germany to the second place in the group, winning 12-13 in this game that wasn’t really good, but very tense from start to finish. Lea Sander claims VIP, with five goals and her continuous threat to her opponent.

Poland – Taiwan

Just like yesterday, hosts Poland close the day, this time against Taiwan. Normally Taiwan should have no problem with Poland and this is expected to be no exception. It is interesting to see though how Poland will start this game, as their previous starts were not good at all, while later in the games they did show they can play well. Against the strong Taiwanese, a good start will be even more important. Three of the four stands are completely filled as we start the last game of the day.
Poland does start better, but as expected, Taiwan is simply better. Poland scores two Penalty shots by Krzysztof Rubinkowski, but Taiwan leads 2-7 after ten minutes, after six goals from the women. In the second period, Poland plays even better. They create some chances, especially for Kamil Muslialinski, but they simply can’t convert them. For Taiwan, Shu-Chi Chang takes over the role of Korfball Hero Ya-Wen Lin, scoring four goals. This helps Taiwan to a half time lead of 5-13.
The second half starts with the fourth goal of Kzrisztof Muslialinski, but quickly Taiwan wakes up and by the hand of Shu-An Wu and Chun-Hsien Wu, Taiwan leads after thirty minutes with 9-22.
The last quarter is an evenly matched one, as Poland keeps up with Taiwan, scoring seven goals over five players. Tamara Siemieniuk is substituted, only to come in again in the other zone to defend strengthen the defense against the strong Taiwanese women. Other substitution also take their moment, but in the end the result is inevitable. Taiwan simply is too good a side for them as the game ends in 16-29. Shu-Chi Chang gets the MVP this game.