Korfball World Squad U21 2018

With the first official U21 World Korfball Championship over we continue with our new tradition started last year at the World Games by presenting you our own very personal selection of players from squads other than The Netherlands that we think have shown great performance and attitude and so are worthy of being in the spotlight even more than all squads have been already.

Before presenting our choice in two zones and our bench, it's worth noting that the final list has grown during this championship. Some players from our initial list lose their spot to choices that become obvious later after a number of games. Also we feel it's hard to choose strong women or rather look for different qualities in women than last year. The scoring of women in this championship generally is less than last year in the World Games. We see this as a worry, looking at the story of gender equity we promote our sport with. Gender equity for us means also a clear share in the scoring. In the end we think we find a balanced and strong squad that shows the variety and strength shown in this championship.


  • Lena Gerlich, Germany
    Yes, Germany is last in this championship. So perhaps give this girl another passport and get her in a stronger squad. She is the second female top scorer and thus deserves a spot in this squad. Like Fu from China she looks fearless in taking shots,
  • Shu-Chi Chang, Taiwan
    A strong passer, clever in setting up the attack and scores goals as well. Who knows the next Ya-Wen Lin in Taiwan,
  • Tzu Shun Huang, Taiwan
    Of the tall Taiwan twins he is the one a bit more visible on the pitch. His brother is also a strong player, just in this championship we feel Tzu Shun stands out more. Rebounding is one of his strengths. He and Chang work well together in the Taiwan squad, so we have them together here also,
  • Sebastião Condado, Portugal
    The main face of the Portuguese passion. A true captain that keeps going in all aspects, including scoring. Maybe the best player of this U21 championship. A squad with him will keep going and going and never give up,


  • Renata Havlová, Czechia
    Perhaps in the mind of some people not the best woman of this Czech squad this championship. Still our Korfball Hero managed to score a decent amount of goals and keep Fu from China on a low amount of goals. Decent, stable and with a winner mentality. Also one of the tallest female players on this championship apart from the Dutch,
  • Yuran Fu, China
    The female top scorer of this championship. For us she is almost like a machine in how she just shoots when she has the opportunity and full of confidence and so should be in our squad,
  • Petr Šnajdr, Czechia
    One of the very capable main attackers of this U21 championship who also has the length to take the rebound role when needed. He works well together with Havlová both in this Czech squad as they are from the same club, so we have them together here also,
  • Jarre de Ley, Belgium
    Of the Belgian men we find him strong in scoring especially in the final against The Netherlands. As the Belgians have all tall guys with a good shot, it is a close call now Thomas Thijs is injured from the first game. Jarre's performance in the final is the deciding factor.

The Bench

First we think our bench will be only four players strong, in the end we find a full bench of eight worthy of choosing.


  • Amber Engels, Belgium
    of the Belgian women we find her having the strongest performance. Like Jarre her performance in the final against The Netherlands is the deciding factor. In general we find the Belgian women in this squad less visible and less involved in the scoring than their male counterparts, therefore she is on the bench,
  • Maria Nuñes, Portugal
    this championship has quite a lot of relatively short female players, compared to the Dutch squad. Portugal has a history of strong attacking shorter women and Maria looks to join their ranks. Strong willed and passionate and also a true vice captain in the Portuguese squad she deserves a spot in our squad,
  • Catarina Correia, Portugal
    one of the few tall women here. A versatile player that for us had a varying performance this championship. Therefore she is on the bench. After Nuñes we feel she contributes most to the Portuguese result from the females in this championship,
  • Ya Hui Cho, Taiwan
    this Taiwan squad has fairly short women and of these shorter women we see Cho as the most dangerous and effective ones. She contributes a lot to the goals of Taiwan and therefore is on our bench,


  • Kai Yiu Fong, Hong Kong
    it is too easy to discard Hong Kong as being a short squad. Fong is their strongest shooter and we feel he can perform well in a stronger squad like our Korfball World Squad. We gladly have his scoring power on our bench,
  • Kristof Bellusz, Hungary
    looks may be deceiving but as a lover of the book Moneyball we also get to love this player. Strong in shooting and in the korf zone with rebounds and goals. Also he has an almost Portuguese passion and can motivate his squad,
  • Tzu Yao Huang, Taiwan
    we can't resist twins... And this tall guy wins games for you also, just like his brother. Perhaps a bit less obvious on the pitch, he is also a true leader of his squad and worthy of being in our squad with his brother,
  • Linpeng Zhu, China
    with Fu being so much in the picture in the Chinese squad you almost forget that they also have some capable scoring guys also. One of the two is Zhu and we gladly have his goals in our squad.

We end with an honourable mention of our other Czech Korfball Hero Michal Marek. He played himself into the starting eight of the Czechs this championship. Also we think he is one of the strongest rebounders this championship. This is partly because he often takes the rebound without circling around the assist. Still this time we choose some other players, also based on the final ranking of countries.